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The Administrator's Medals in Primary Health Care for 2017 were presented on Friday 13 October by His Honour the Honourable John Hardy AM, Administrator of the Northern Territory, during a ceremony at Government House.

These prestigious awards are presented annually to recognise and reward the outstanding service provided by the Northern Territory's (NT) primary health care professionals.

A strong field of nominations was received, with each showcasing the high-level primary health care provided to communities across the NT. Those nominated demonstrated client-centred care, acted as role models, and advocated for and advanced the health and wellbeing of the local community. Nominations were reviewed by a panel comprising representatives of the eight partnering organisations to select the individual and team medal winners.

Individual Medal Winner – Frances Turner

Individual medal recipient, Frances Turner of Central Australia Health Service PHN Outreach

Frances Turner is a senior Arrernte woman and a respected elder who has held many and varied roles that have always worked towards the focused health of her people. Frances collaborates with other health care stakeholders and women in Domestic and Family Violence, FASD prevention, sexual diversity, child protection and sexual abuse work and adolescent health education.

She works in a culturally appropriate safe and acceptable manner with the local people, and refers to external agencies to support issues identified by community when she does not have the capacity to deliver herself. Frances supports initial visits of invited external agencies so local Peoples can decide, if they want them back. She does nothing without community consultation, involvement and invitation of the people. Frances believes this is the true, honest and only way to make any inroads into changing health beliefs.

Team Medal Winner – Barunga Health Centre, Anaemia Prevention Program

Team medal recipient representatives Ms Joanne Berry and Mr Peter Wordsworth from Barunga Health Centre, Anaemia Prevention Program

Barunga Health Clinic provide access to health services in particular to children. Supportive governance structure on the Anaemia Prevention Program is achieved through being a proactive in administering oral iron and Incremin to children before they become anaemic; and providing a dedicated Aboriginal Health Practitioner to the anaemia portfolio.

Barunga Health Clinic focus on appropriate community engagement in order to gain their buy-in into the program.  Using local indigenous staff such as AHPs to help support the program, education about healthy foods good for young children, strong blood to prevent illnesses, learning deficits, and chronic disease further down the track.

Changes with the anaemia protocol for the new (to be released) CARPA Standard treatment manual were inspired by Barunga Health Centre’s delivery of the Anaemia prevention program or “iron syringe program” which it is more commonly known as by the community people.

Whole of Practice/Health Clinic Medal Winner – Ramingining PHC Centre

Whole of Practice/Health Clinic medal representative Greg Norman from Ramingining PHC Centre

Ramingining provide regular community meetings to ensure all major stakeholders in community are aware of health promotion plans and or dealings. The clinic has established strong communication between clinic, sport and Arnhemland Progress Aboriginal Corporation to assist with healthy food and lifestyle. 

Ramingining foster the health and wellbeing of the community by:

  • personalised recalls for individuals and outreach visits for vulnerable clients ie elderly, disabled and children
  • follow up and reviews of persons currently residing in our community and referring to other services for their care
  • providing access to telehealth for individuals
  • identifying major issues for this community and directing care towards the community needs

Access to services, GPs, nurses and allied health in the community has steadily increased with a regular full time staff, good care plans, community consultation and health promotion through sport, school and Families as First TEachers services working together.

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