Our Board established three councils, Central Australia Clinical Council, Top End Clinical Council, and Community Advisory Council to provide strategic guidance and advice on locally relevant clinical and consumer issues. The Councils and Board work closely to help achieve our vision that people in the NT enjoy their best health and wellbeing.
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Central Australia Clinical Council

Top End Clinical Council Community Advisory Council
Chair Dr Sally Banfield Ms Alison Jacks
Deputy Chair Ms Rebecca Matthews Ms Nicole O’Reilly Associate Professor, Dr James Smith
Members Dr Colin Marchant
Dr Liz Moore
Ms Leitisha Jackson
Mr Toby Speare
Ms Amanda Swan
Mr Adam Bennett

Ms Kerry Williams
Dr Marilou Capati
Ms Amanda Hart
Ms Karrina DeMasi
Ms Amanda O’Keefe
Ms Karita McCarthy

Ms Kathleen Cole
Ms Lesley Reilly
Mr Geoff Sloan
Ms Toni-Anne Walker
Mr Max Yffer
Ms Sarah Clifford
Ms Amanda Ahmat

Clinical and Community Council vacancies for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander members

We are seeking Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representatives to join each of our three councils.

members come from a range of professional backgrounds, including Aboriginal health practitioners, general practitioners, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals.

members have good knowledge of the health priorities in their communities. This might come from their personal experience as a patient or carer, or from their employment in areas like health consumer advocacy, population health, or community services. Members are not required to have clinical experience.

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