Board Communiqué – November 2015

It gives me great pleasure as Chair to announce the re-appointment of Ms Nicki Herriot as CEO of Northern Territory PHN (NT PHN), and to thank Nicki for her steady leadership through the transition period from the Medicare Local.

NT PHN Board

The Northern Territory PHN Board met in October, the second meeting since the commencement of PHN funding. This meeting saw the Board consider and review a wide range of activities relating to the transition and establishment of the PHN program.

As the organisation navigates through the establishment and transition year for PHNs, planning activities have been taking place at senior executive and Board level. The Board considered and endorsed a revised organisational structure to meet the needs of NT PHN and re-align the organisation to the primary health network program. Work is continuing on the organisation’s new strategic plan.

The Board has approved appointments to the Clinical and Community Advisory Councils and preparations for inaugural meetings of all three Councils are underway. Each Council has a Director as a member and a senior staff member who will provide liaison between the Council and the Board.

Top End Clinical Council

Members: Mr Shaun Tatipata, Dr Tamsin Cockayne, Dr Chris Clohesy, Ms Fiona Wake, Ms Nicole O’Reilly, Mr Adam Bennett and Ms Kerry Williams.

Central Australia Clinical Council

Members: Ms Ann Hallett, Mr Ricky Mentha, Ms Rebecca Matthews, Dr Christine Lesnikowski, Dr Colin Marchant, Dr Liz Moore, Dr Sally Banfield and Ms Maria Giacon.

Community Advisory Council

Members: Ms Alison Jacks, Ms Jes Couclua, Ms Catherine Street, Mr James Smith, Ms Kathy Sadler, Ms Lesley Reilly, Mr Michael Toomey, Mr Geoff Sloan and Ms Robyne Burridge.

Annual General Meeting

The NT PHN’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held in Darwin on Tuesday 10 November 2015 and attended by representatives from the NT PHN’s three Members: AMSANT, the NT Department of Health and the Associate Membership Committee.

The Board presented the Annual Financial Report to the AGM and was accepted by the Members.

The Annual Report is now published for the 2014-15 period, outlining the organisation’s highlights and achievements against our strategic objectives. It reports on the activities undertaken by the organisation while trading as the Northern Territory Medicare Local, including the preparation of the submission to form Northern Territory PHN. To view and download a copy of the Annual Report, click here »

As the Chair, I provided a verbal report to the AGM acknowledging the retirement of Directors Dr Steven Skov (in November 2014), Eddie Mulholland and Dorothy Morrison, and their significant contributions to the organisation.

The Members resolved to re-appoint Directors Ms Diane Walsh and Ms Judith Oliver to the Board, to appoint new Directors Dr Paul Burgess, Dr Sam Goodwin, Mr John Rawnsley and Dr Marion Scrymgour. The Board is now operating at full capacity with nine Directors.

A report from the Associate Membership Committee advised that they are progressing with their planned incorporation. Their principal objectives will be to maintain a governance role as a Member of the Health Network NT operating as Northern Territory PHN and represent NT providers in improving patient health outcomes and improving the patient journey. The current Associate Membership Committee is Dr Hugh Heggie, Dr Shahin Alam, Ms Heather Jensen, Ms Heather Malcolm and Ms Helen Summers (Chair).

Once again, we continue to place utmost value on working collaboratively with our colleagues and partners across the health landscape and we are most appreciative of the ongoing input provided by our key stakeholders. I am very pleased with what we were able to achieve over the period covered by our Annual Report and I look forward to reporting on 2015-2016 as our transition year, in meeting the challenges of the PHN program.

Dr Andrew Bell