Board Communiqué- October 2018

At its October meeting, NT PHN’s Board considered a range of matters, including the single electronic shared care planning tool project, NT PHN’s draft 2017-2018 Annual Report, the Company Constitution and NT PHN’s role in advocacy. Since the August board meeting, the Board has provided out-of-session approval of NT PHN’s 2018-2023 Strategic Plan and Health Literacy Strategy.

Following Board approval in August for project and implementation planning for the development of a single electronic shared care planning tool in the Northern Territory (NT), a detailed project plan has been drafted and was presented to the Board for discussion. Early consultations with stakeholders have proven successful and there is clear support for the development of the NT tool. Key requirements have been developed including a need for the system’s interoperability, particularly with Acacia, the new NT Government health record system that is under development. The Board approved the project to move to the tender stage and will continue strategic oversight as work progresses.

NT PHN’s 2017-2018 draft Annual Report was reviewed. The Annual Report will be published in the lead up to our Annual General Meeting (AGM) on 27 November 2018. The Board approved the 2018 Audited Financial Report, Directors Declaration and Financial Analysis for inclusion in the report. 

NT PHN’s company constitution is being reviewed and a number of proposed minor amendments were presented to the Board for consideration. The Board took the opportunity to discuss the issues raised and endorsed the recommended changes to go to the AGM in November for consideration by our members.

The Board discussed NT PHN’s role and involvement in advocacy. Currently NT PHN regularly provides responses on discussion papers produced by health organisations and requests for commentary from government and non-government entities. In addition, the organisation prepares submissions to Parliamentary inquiries and where appropriate, it advocates to funding bodies seeking changes to funding schedule requirements so they better align with the NT environment. The Board confirmed that NT PHN’s role in advocacy will refer to core strategic business. Position papers will be developed aligning with this in 2019. 

Other areas of focus at the 15 October meeting included:

  • NT PHN’s consolidated 2018-2019 budget was approved by the Board
  • Members of the Northern Territory Government’s Core Clinical Systems Renewal Program (CCSRP) / Acacia project team, Ken Blaikie and Chris Hosking, attended the meeting and provided a detailed presentation to Directors on the CCSRP project, including the primary care use of the system and the interoperability/ access for non- Northern Territory Government health services.
  • The Board noted preparation for the upcoming AGM.

NT PHN’s AGM, Company Members meeting and the next Board meeting will take place on 27 November 2018.