Commissioning is the process we use to partner with practices and providers in developing and implementing primary health services in the Territory.

This is an iterative cycle based on needs assessment, planning, co-design, procurement, monitoring and evaluation. Commissioning encompasses this full range of activities, not simply the procurement of services.

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The commissioning cycle

Needs Assessments

Needs assessments identify needs and gaps in health care, and provide a baseline to inform ongoing planning of health services, including how they will be commissioned and delivered. They form an important part of our commissioning process.

We have completed needs assessments in the areas of population health, drug and alcohol, mental health, suicide prevention, and after hours care. Take a look at our needs assessments.

How are funding decisions made?

The Northern Territory PHN Board does not make the decisions as to which health services receive funding as part of the commissioning process. These decisions are governed by Northern Territory PHN’s Commissioning Policy and Commissioning Procedure, which are based on the requirements of the Commonwealth.

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