Clinical and Community Advisory Councils

NT PHN's Board established the Central Australia Clinical Council, Top End Clinical Council and Community Advisory Council as key components of NT PHN’s governance and advisory structure. The Councils and NT PHN Board work closely to help achieve NT PHN’s vision that people in the Northern Territory enjoy their best health and wellbeing. 

Clinical Council Members come from a range of disciplines and professional experience, including general practice, nursing, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, pharmacy and allied health. Members of the Community Advisory Council have strong backgrounds in health consumer advocacy, population health, mental health and chronic disease.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference have been adopted for each Council:

Boundaries of the Central Australia Clinical Council are aligned with the Central Australia Health Service, and boundaries of the Top End Clinical Council are aligned with the Top End Health Service. The Community Advisory Council is an NT-wide group. 


  Central Australia Clinical Council Top End Clinical Council Community Advisory Council
Chair Dr Sally Banfield Associate Professor Chris Harnden Ms Alison Jacks
Deputy Chair

Ms Rebecca Matthews
Prof. Tim Carey

Ms Nicole O’Reilly

Associate Professor, Dr James Smith



Dr Colin Marchant
Dr Liz Moore

Mr Adam Bennett

Ms Kerry Williams

Dr Marilou Capati

Mr Kenton Winsley

Ms Amanda Hart

Dr Chris Clohesy

Ms Kathleen Cole

Ms Lesley Reilly

Mr Geoff Sloan

Ms Robyne Burridge

Ms Valda Shannon

Ms Toni-Anne Walker

Ms Madeline Dirdi

Ms Anna Denson



Each Council can be contacted through:
Senior Council Liaison
t 08 8982 1059