Continuing Professional Development Education Grant

Continuing Professional Development and Education Grants

Continuing Professional Development and Education Grants (CPD and Education Grants) are nominated by the applicant, and are intended to provide eligible health professionals with access to quality CPD and Education support.
CPD and Education grants provide eligible health professionals with financial support, in the form of a grant up to $1,000 (GST exclusive). CPD and Education grants can be used towards the cost of CPD and Education course fees and course-related expenses such as accommodation and transport. Grant allocations will be determined against the perceived workforce benefit of the training. 

Who is eligible to apply?

Health professionals in the field of medicine, nursing or allied health, including Aboriginal health workers, who provide services in a Modified Monash Model (MMM) 2 location within the primary health care sector in the Northern Territory.  Full eligibility requirements are set out in detail in the CPD and Education Grant Guidelines.  

Candidates who live outside the MMM 2 location in the Northern Territory may be eligible to apply for the Health Workforce Scholarship Program. For health professionals in MMM 3-7 locations who wish to enquire about the Health Workforce Scholarship Program, please visit our Health Workforce Scholarship Program information page on our website. 

You must apply for a CPD and Education Grant prior to undertaking any educational activities, in which you would like to claim. Activities undertaken prior to an application approval are not eligible for payment. 

How to apply

To apply for the CPD and Education Grant, applicants are required to:

1.    Check their eligibility by reading the CPD and Education Grant Guidelines 
2.    Complete the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and Education Grant Application Form 
3.    Collect your supporting documentation
4.    Email their completed application to

Applications will be assessed by the grant panel on the first Tuesday of each calendar month.  

For further information please contact:
Workforce Coordinator – Grants 
t 08 8982 1029

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