Workforce development grants

We offer incentives and support services to assist health services to support their primary health care workforce.

Workforce development grant

What's the grant?

This grant provides up to $40,000 for eligible non-government primary health care providers to build the workforce capacity of their organisation and staff members.

Capacity-building activities may involve developing and delivering new workforce models, strategies, systems, policies or training. Applications should demonstrate the proficiency to be sustainable and ongoing, without requiring recurrent funding from NT PHN.

Example activities

With a Workforce Development Grant you could:

  • engage a consultant to undertake a review of your existing business frameworks, policies, and procedures
  • create an online learning platform for your employees
  • conduct a review and development of organisational onboarding and orientation processes
  • develop your organisation’s profile as an ‘employer of choice’
  • develop a business case for organisational recruitment and retention incentives
  • create an organisational level mentoring / buddy program for new employees
  • trial emerging roles, i.e. allied health assistant or nurse practitioner as a workforce solution
  • develop support for roles where there is an intention to demonstrate viability under innovative workforce funding models (i.e. Medicare-funded position)
  • conduct a viability study or develop a business model for an alternative workforce model
  • evaluate an existing workforce initiative

Who is eligible?

All non-government primary health care services in the Northern Territory are eligible to apply for the Workforce Development Grant. Primary health care services are those that provide health-related and/or clinical services as the first point of contact within a community for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of ill health, and for ongoing management of chronic disease.

We award this grant based on the funding we have available, which means it’s on a one-off basis. We will prioritise organisations that have not previously received a workforce grant.

How do I apply?

Applications are  currently closed, please check back soon.