My Health Record

My Health Record – is a secure online summary of an individual’s key health information which can be accessed by authorised individuals and registered healthcare providers involved in a person’s care to view and add patient health information.

My Health Record

What’s in a My Health Record > here

Healthcare Organisations will need to register to access My Health Record. An overview of the Registration process for healthcare organisations > here

Healthcare Provider Registration for My Health Record

  • You will need a Provider Digital Access(PRODA) account to access Health Professional Online Services(HPOS) for My Health Record registration.
    Register for a PRODA account > here
  • Organisations wishing to participate in the My Health Record system must first be registered with the Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service.

The Healthcare Identifiers (HI) Service is a national system for uniquely identifying healthcare providers, healthcare organisations and individuals receiving healthcare.

More information on the HI Service > here

You will then need to register as either a seed organisation or network organisation.

This depends on the specific nature and needs of your organisation. For a majority of healthcare organisations, it will be applying as a seed organisation.

*If you are not sure whether to register your organisation as a seed or network, contact the HI Service enquiry line on 1300 361 457 or visit contacts for healthcare professionals for help.

How to register a seed organisation in the HI service > here

How to add a network organisation to your seed organisation > here

*When registering your organisation with the HI Service, you will automatically be registered as the responsible officer (RO) and the organisation maintenance officer (OMO). Each organisation can have only one RO but can have multiple OMOs. The RO and the OMO can be the same person.

Once your application is processed, a notification will be sent to your HPOS inbox.

Once registered, healthcare organisations are issued with a unique 16-digit HPI-O number.

Healthcare organisations will also need a National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) public key infrastructure (PKI) certificate.
A NASH PKI Organisation Certificate is a digital certificate that authenticates an organisation whenever they access the My Health Record system using conformant software.

More information on the NASH PKI > here

How to request and link NASH PKI certificates > here

Viewing and uploading clinical information to My Health Record

Any person involved in an individual’s healthcare who is authorised by the healthcare organisation can access a My Health Record.

Information for healthcare professionals on viewing a My Health Record > here

Information on how to upload clinical information to My Health Record > here

Clinical software summary sheets

There are summary sheets for a range of clinical software products with step-by-step instructions and screenshots for viewing a My Health Record.


More clinical software summary sheets for interacting with My Health Record > here

Clinical software demonstrations

There is a range of slideshows showing how to access and upload to My Health Record in some clinical software products.

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Health Literacy Tools

We recently commissioned a series of stories that explain My Health Record in a range of Aboriginal languages spoken throughout the NT.

The videos were produced in partnership with italk Studios, the Australian Digital Health Agency, AMSANT and the NT Aboriginal Interpreter Service.

To access all the language groups, view the playlist.

If you would like to order the posters or the videos as part of a set of health literacy Italks, please contact us below.


My Health Record Help line
Phone: 1800 723 471 (option 2)

Healthcare Identifier Service Enquiry Line
Phone: 1300 361 457

eBusiness Service Centre (enquiries relating to NASH PKI certificates)
Phone: 1800 700 199

Phone: 1800 700 199

Phone: 132 150

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