Practice accreditation

Practice accreditation is an independent and voluntary system to promote quality care in general practices. Continuous quality improvement acknowledges the need for primary health care providers to continually improve, upgrade and monitor their services to produce better health outcomes for patients.

How can we help with practice accreditation?

Our Primary Care Support team assists practices undertaking accreditation for the first time, or those undergoing re-accreditation.

This support includes:

  • an overview of accreditation to help you decide on an accrediting body
  • guidance on policies and procedures with templates to develop these
  • resources such as the Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) ‘Hub’
  • a tracking process, of 12-18 months, to meet the accreditation criteria.


General practices are assessed for accreditation against the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) standards for general practices.

Why get practice accreditation?

The benefits of completing accreditation are:

  • improved patient care and health outcomes
  • reduction in practice risk
  • improved practice efficiency
  • insurance providers’ recognition
  • access to the Practice Incentives Program (PIP).

Who are the accreditation bodies?

There are three recognised accreditation bodies in Australia that practices may choose to register with for accreditation:

Both organisations use a system of peer review, provide access to resources and charge a fee for registering.

For help with practice accreditation, please contact us on 08 8982 1000 or submit an enquiry.

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