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The Baker Institute, Alice Springs Symposium, 2022

The Baker Institute, Alice Springs Symposium, 2022

The Baker Institute is an independent, Australian-based research institute, recognised internationally for its contributions to medical science.

The Institute is committed to playing a leading role in chronic disease education, research and advocacy in Central Australia and nationally by bringing together health professionals to discuss measures to reduce the burden of chronic disease, particularly chronic disease in the Indigenous community. One of the ways this is done is by holding annual Symposia on issues important to health professionals working with the impact of chronic disease.

For the past thirteen years, the Alice Springs Symposium ensures health care professionals in rural and remote locations have access to the information produced by our Institute’s top scientists, as well as local and interstate experts, and ensure inclusion and dialogue with local healthcare providers, particularly those working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.

The 2022 Alice Springs Symposium program has been put together by a team of relevant experts and this year will look at the latest research and clinical developments in cardiovascular disease and diabetes plus a stream on hot topics.

This Symposium is designed for health and medical professionals, including General Practitioners, trainees in cardiology, endocrinologists, pharmacists, nurses, diabetes educators, practice managers and consultants.

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01 - 02 Nov 2022


Alice Springs Convention Center 93 Barrett Drive

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