How to apply for a tender

One of our core activities is to strategically commission equitable, needs-based health programs and initiatives. We commission health services from a wide range of providers, including Aboriginal community controlled health services, private general practices, private allied health professionals, not-for-profit companies and others.

All tenders are managed through Northern Territory PHN's Tenderlink Portal. Health service providers, contractors, consultants and suppliers can use Tenderlink to access a range of procurement opportunities.

How to use the Tenderlink Portal

To get started using the system and applying for tenders, you will first need to register (it is free to register and access tender documents) as a supplier by completeing the following steps:

Visit the Tenderlink portal and select Registration.

Complete the required fields and click Next.

Once you have completed the required fields and checkbox, select Register Me.

Click Next to create a profile.

After naming your profile and clicking Next Step, select the regions you are interested in receiving tenders from, as well as industries that relate to the products or services you provide.

Once complete, select Next Step to name your profile.

After selecting Next Step you will have the opportunity to review your details before selecting Next to finalise your registration. From here you will be taken to a confirmation page with the ability to view your dashboard.

If you would like to respond to a tender, you will need download and read the detailed tender documents from the portal. Proposals and supporting documentation are submitted through the Tenderlink portal.

These video tutorials are available to help you when using the Tenderlink portal platform. 

Technical assistance

If you have any technical problems while using the portal, please contact:
Tenderlink support
1800 233 533 (24 hours a day 7 days a week).

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