Health Professional Relocation Grant

The Health Professional Relocation Grant (HPRG) is designed to support the relocation of eligible health professionals to the Northern Territory (NT) or health professionals who are moving within the NT to a more remote area classification. 

The HPRG supports eligible health professionals by providing financial assistance through a reimbursement bases to alleviate some of the costs involved in relocating to the NT. 
This program is funded by the Australian Government’s Department of Health under the Rural Health Workforce Support Program and is managed in the NT by Rural Workforce Agency NT (RWA NT).  

Who is Eligible?

Health professionals in the fields of medicine, nursing, allied health and Aboriginal and Torres Strait health workers, who have had their placement facilitated by a RWA NT recruitment coordinator and intend to provide services in the primary health care sector in the NT, are eligible to apply. 

Full eligibility requirements are set out in detail in the HPRG guidelines.

Health professionals who are employed solely by federal or state government organisations are not eligible to apply for HPRG. This includes health professionals employed in public hospitals or NT Government Primary Care Services.

What Funding is Available?

Applications will be assessed against the identified priority areas in the Health Workforce Needs Assessment.The assessment process will also consider the individual’s relocation circumstances including, if the applicant is relocating as a single, a couple or a family.

Applicants must complete the HPRG application form and provide a reasonable forecast of their relocation costs to move to the NT. International relocation support cannot be supported through the HPRG.  


To apply for the HPRG you must first confirm that you meet all the eligibility criteria listed in the HPRG Guidelines. Candidates will then need to contact the RWA NT Recruitment Coordinator who is responsible for facilitating their placement in the NT, to obtain the HPRG application form. 


For more information regarding the HPRG, contact the Workforce Coordinator - Grants:

t 08 8982 1029

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