Immunisations for vulnerable populations – grant round

We are seeking the assistance of health organisations across the Northern Territory to develop and deliver COVID-19 and other vaccinations to our vulnerable populations.​

We encourage you to apply for grant funding through this EOI if you are providing a service to any of the following vulnerable groups:

  • those who are experiencing homelessness, including those living on the streets, in emergency accommodations, boarding houses or between temporary shelters
  • those who do not have a Medicare card or are not eligible for Medicare
  • people with a disability or who are frail and cannot leave home (homebound individuals)
  • people in rural and remote areas with limited healthcare options, including those who cannot travel to a regional centre
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • people living in rural and remote communities
  • culturally, ethnically and linguistically diverse people, especially asylum seekers and refugees and those in older age groups who may find it difficult to use other vaccination services
  • children aged 5-11 who have complex needs, who are not captured by another suitable vaccination channel
  • RACFs and Disability accommodation residents
  • any other vulnerable groups identified as requiring dedicated support to access vaccinations.

Funding coverage

The funding criteria for vaccination delivery are very broad, allowing for innovative, localised solutions. These targeted, short-term local solutions should continue to supplement existing activities and arrangements, not replace or duplicate them.

We encourage health services to be creative. It may be a pop-up clinic or a mobile vaccination unit, engagement activities such as media and outreach campaigns such as SMS or electronic mail delivery blast, and radio or television promotion. Funding could be utilised to eliminate barriers to reaching clinics for vaccination, by providing free transportation to align better with communities. Encouragement to attend clinics, such as meals and other complimentary services may also be considered. Your staff travel and delivery costs of the program may also be covered.

How to submit an EOI:

We encourage organisations to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) by COB Wednesday 21 June 2023 for up to $30,000 – $50,000.

If successful in your EOI, funds must be spent by 30 December 2023. 

If you require any further information or wish to discuss your proposed ideas, please contact us at 08 8982 1000, 08 8982 1025 or 

To submit an EOI, please complete the attached application form and forward it to our team at