AIG Remote Laundries – extending our partnership

We have extended our partnership with the AIG Remote Laundries project by partially funding the Barunga laundry for the next 12 months through our early intervention and preventative health program. This contribution will promote positive health outcomes in community and pay the wages of local laundry attendants. 

While this arrangement is new, with the laundry officially became part of our early intervention and preventative health program on 1 July 2021, Remote Laundries project has been one of our partners since 2019.  

“The AIG Remote Laundries project is a simple way NT PHN can contribute to improved health outcomes for the Barunga community. This aligns directly with our core role” said our CEO Gill Yearsley.

The Remote Laundries project is having a significant impact on local communities by improving health outcomes and producing positive employment outcomes.  

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