Work as a locum in remote NT

Work as a locum in remote NT
We caught up with one of our GP locums Dr Bedford on what work is like in remote NT

What do you do?

From an Emergency Medicine jock, I morphed into a regional GP working in a group practice in northern NSW. An unmet need for adventure spurred me into once, or if possible twice, a year heading off on remote locums in NT and it has been so much fun I am now exploring it as a full-time option.


How do you find working in the NT?

To me working in NT means culture, respect, growth, community,  team, diversity, unpredictability, and, vitally, both acceptance and flexibility. For me, it is Bukmak ( Yolngu Matha for everything). It is the whole experience that is so enriching. You never leave quite the same person.


How do you feel your work has helped people in remote communities?

How my work has helped remote communities is not really my story to tell. Certainly, the reciprocity of people and their humour and resilience, and ease with the place despite stupendous

health and social challenges always leaves me feeling like I learn more than I teach. And the kids’ smiles are priceless.


How has the NT Primary Health Network Rural Workforce Agency supported you?

A big shout out to the Workforce Support Officers of NT PHN who have supported me every step of the way and always find a solution to even the prickliest pickles I have found myself in (every locum will experience those!). It sure could feel lonely without their support sometimes and they have been crucial to me staying engaged in the locum process over more than two decades.

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