NT PHN celebrates a successful year in 2022–23: annual impact report

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NT PHN celebrates a successful year in 2022–23: annual impact report

Our 2022-23 Annual Impact Report has been released,
offering a glimpse into our achievements over the past year.

Key achievements include:

  • The report sheds light on our commitment to growth, evident in the upgrades and modifications made to internal systems, boosting organisational capability.
  • After a pandemic-induced hiatus, NT PHN marked a significant comeback with the revival of our flagship conference, Compass, and the Health Professional of the Year Awards.
  • The focus on workforce strategies across the Northern Territory remains strong, with ongoing support initiatives aimed at bolstering the healthcare workforce.
  • NT PHN’s dedication to primary healthcare continues through grants and local initiatives. Our commitment to supporting health services at the grassroots level is exemplified by the expansion of health services, notably seen in the 2022 opening of headspace Palmerston.
Read our annual impact report

Looking ahead to 2023–24

The accomplishments of 2022–23 set the stage for NT PHN’s continued progress towards an integrated and high-quality primary healthcare system in the coming year. We remain optimistic about the impact we can make as we continue the momentum forward into 2023–24.

The NT PHN Annual Impact Report not only highlights organisational achievements but serves as a testament to the dedication and hard work of the entire NT PHN team. The achievements made this past year demonstrate our staff’s commitment to enhancing primary healthcare services across the Northern Territory.

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