NT PHN launches a new Health Literacy strategy

Northern Territory PHN’s (NT PHN) vision is to help Territorians enjoy their best health and wellbeing by building local partnerships and directing resources towards an integrated, high quality health care system. 

To achieve this, it is important that there be a strong emphasis on health literacy – making it easier for people to navigate, understand and use the health information and services that will help to realise this vision. The health care system is very complex and many consumers have difficulty understanding and using currently available health information and health services. The NT PHN Health Literacy Strategy (the strategy) holistically supports the achievement of the NT PHN Strategic Plan 2018 – 2023 and has been developed as a three-year plan.

The four core objectives of ‘the strategy’ are:

  • Strengthen the health literacy environment created by NT PHN systems, policies and practices;
  • Support consumers to make informed choices about their health and health care, both directly and through improving healthcare providers’ skills;
  • Create and sustain a health information library for validated accessible consumer information;
  • Improve collaboration and integration of health literacy activities across the NT health system and organisations.

To assist with the project, we have now recruited a Health Literacy Officer. Ms Leeanne Pena commenced in the position in November and comes with an extensive background in education, including 5 years in the GP training space.

For further questions or more information about the health literacy strategy, please contact:

Leanne Pena - Health Literacy Officer
08 8982 1035