Remote laundry working overtime at Barunga Festival

The festival boasts a long and proud tradition of celebrating remote Indigenous Australia since its beginnings in 1985.

Festival punters enjoyed a jam-packed program of music, sport, dance, traditional arts, and cultural activities that celebrated Barunga and surrounding communities.

We were lucky enough to get in on the action. As a proud sponsor of the Barunga laundry, we set up shop with Remote Laundries and helped locals and festival goers get their washing done in between all the fun.

Since its set up in 2019, the laundry has had a positive impact on the community. It’s helped reduce skin diseases and the amount of discarded linen as well as create employment stability and economic growth within the community. Staffed by the locals, the laundry operates 38 hours per week across six days and injects an average of $1000 per week back into the community.

What’s more, school engagement among students has increased due to the health and hygiene education module held at the laundry. Plus, the elderly and those living with a disability now have access to the laundry through weekly pick-ups and drop-offs via a local bus service.

We look forward to working more with the Aboriginal Investment Group team, who run Remote Laundries, to achieve positive health outcomes for the Barunga community and beyond.