Our Commissioning Approach

One of NT PHN’s core activities is to strategically commission and support equitable, needs-based health programs and initiatives. NT PHN commissions health services through service providers, including Aboriginal community controlled health services, the private sector including general practices and allied health professionals, not-for-profit companies and other providers.

Commissioning is more than just the procurement of services, with the Australian Government Department of Health defining commissioning as1 a strategic approach to purchasing that seeks to ensure that services meet the health needs of the population and contribute towards service and system improvement and innovation. Commissioning is a continuous process that requires Primary Health Networks (PHN) to be responsible for:

  • Strategic planning – assessing the needs of the community and available health services, and determining priorities based on service analysis and professional and community input

  • Service procurement – purchasing health services in line with outcomes of strategic planning, the PHN objectives and the identified local and national priorities for the PHN

  • Monitoring and review – assessing the efficiency and effectiveness (including value for money) of health services, and implementing strategies to address gaps and underperformance

NT PHN and Commissioning

A project focusing on NT PHN's commissioning capability is currently underway. This will enable NT PHN to  meet Australian Government expectations and to work effectively with our stakeholders to address the health needs of the NT. Information on our website will be updated as this project progresses. 

View NT PHN’s Commissioning Policy. 

View NT PHN’s Commissioning Procedure. 

NT PHN Needs Assessments

Population Health Planning and needs assessment activity in population health; drug and alcohol, mental health and suicide prevention; and After Hours have been completed to identify needs and gaps and present a baseline to inform ongoing regional service planning and how they will be commissioned and delivered. 

The PHN Needs Assessment Guide is available on the Australian Government Department of Health Primary Health Networks information page.

Where can I get further information on tendering and procurement opportunities?

All tenders are managed through NT PHN's Tenderlink e-Procurement Portal, providing health service providers, contractors, consultants and suppliers with easy access to a range of procurement opportunities.

To use this system, you are required to first register as a supplier. There is no charge to register and access tender documents. To register please visit NT PHN's Tenderlink portal and click the Registration tab.

During the registration process you will be requested to provide contact details including an email address that will be used to notify your organisation of available tenders.

If you have any technical problems using the portal, contact Tenderlink support on:

t 1800 233 533

e support@tenderlink.com (24 hours a day 7 days a week).

For information on NT PHN’s current procurement, including new tender or EOI opportunities, click here.

Please direct general enquiries regarding NT PHN tenders to procurement@ntphn.org.au or the contact details specified in tender documents.

Where can I get further information on procurement?

For information on NT PHN’s current procurement, including new tender or EOI opportunities, click here.

1 Defined within the NT PHN’s Primary Health Networks Core Funding Agreement with the Australian Government Department of Health