Outreach Health Services

Outreach Health Services Program

Northern Territory PHN receives Commonwealth funding to deliver Outreach Health Services in the Northern Territory, predominantly through the Medical Outreach Indigenous Chronic Disease (MOICD) program.

The Outreach Health Services Program (OHSP) provides a range of mostly allied health services to over 80 communities across the Northern Territory.

The aim of the OHSP is to increase access to a range of health services, including expanded primary health care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in the prevention, detection, treatment and management of chronic conditions.

These programs promote a coordinated, multi-disciplinary team approach and the provision of equitable distribution of services based on identified health needs of each community.

Services include: cardiac nurse educator, diabetes nurse educator, dietitianexercise physiologist, occupational therapist, physiotherapistpodiatrist, endocrinologist and speech therapist. 

Display one of our posters next time an outreach service is coming to your clinic:  cardiac nurse educator, diabetes nurse educator, dietitianexercise physiologistphysiotherapistpodiatrist.

For the latest updates on the OHSP, see the August Outreach Health Services Bulletin

MOICD review and needs analysis

In 2017, the Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance Northern Territory (AMSANT) was commissioned by NT PHN to complete a Process Evaluation of the NT MOICD program. The review identified a range of challenges facing the program.

In early 2018, NT PHN conducted an initial review of Outreach Health Services. The primary goal of this activity was operational; to determine the type, mix and approach to service delivery for the first six months of 2017-18. During this process, feedback relating to more systematic opportunities within the service design were also identified. See the full MOICD Program Service Delivery Needs report


NT PHNs Comprehensive Primary Health Care Advisory Group (CPHCAG) provides expertise and advice to NT PHN’s CEO on the commissioning of primary health care services intended for Aboriginal people that are aligned with strategic needs based planning. NT PHN has been working with CPHCAG to:

  • better align outreach health service delivery with NT PHN’s Commissioning Policy – to commission outreach services with greater involvement of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and where this is not possible, NT Department of Health comprehensive primary health care clinics.
  • achieve a more person centred approach through greater coordination, integration and efficiency of service delivery. 
  • address the opportunities for service improvement identified in the 2017 Process Evaluation of the MOICD Program.  
  • address the opportunities for service improvement identified in the 2018 MOICD Program Service Delivery Needs Assessment.  

This involves a process of consultation and collaborative design of service solutions with our stakeholders.

At the meeting if the NT PHN CPHCAG on 16 July, the group agreed to an Outreach Health Services Funding Methodology based on illness, population, remoteness and community size. The model has been validated by the Principal Health Economist from the Northern Territory Government Department of Health.

For more information, see the November Outreach Health Services Commissioning update or contact Karen Thomas, Project Lead – Outreach Health Services Commissioning:

8982 1084 e karen.thomas@ntphn.org.au

Continuous service improvement

The Outreach Health Services team is focused on improving service access and outcomes, and strengthening relationships with all key stakeholders.

During the local level needs assessment process, we received a number of requests for improved advertising and marketing of outreach visits to communities. We also received feedback from host health organisations in relation to improved understanding of the roles of the visiting allied health professionals and what each discipline can offer when visiting communities. In response, we have re-designed posters to advertise the outreach health services program and are developing information sheets describing each allied health profession. These resources will be distributed to providers and host health organisations as promotional packs for the OHSP. 

Download promotional posters for: cardiac nurse educator, diabetes nurse educator, dietitianexercise physiologistphysiotherapistpodiatrist


Outreach Health Services Program
08 8982 1000 e OHSP@ntphn.org.au