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An unsolicited proposal is an approach, outside of scheduled procurement activity by NT PHN, and on the instigation of the applicant, seeking funding from NT PHN to provide health services or for a project that meets the health needs of the NT community.

Interested individuals and organisations can submit an unsolicited proposal for funding to NT PHN at any time throughout the year. Proposals requesting funding for $50,000 (GST excl) or less will be considered as received and proposals requesting funding for above $50,000 (GST excl) will be held by NT PHN and assessed as a group during a formal review and assessment period. The review and assessment period for these applications will occur at two scheduled times during the year: 

  • November 
  • June

For a proposal to be considered in the November assessment it must be submitted to NT PHN by 15 November and for a proposal to be considered in the June assessment it must be submitted by 15 June. Proposals received but considered to be out of scope of current activity work plans may be held and considered during these two scheduled times during the year. 

Prior to commencement of this period, all applicants who have submitted a proposal will be contacted to confirm that they still have an interest in seeking NT PHN funding. All funding is dependent on continued funding from the Australian Government Department of Health, and will be subject to NT PHN’s usual contracting processes. 

How to apply? 

  • To submit a request for funding for $50,000 (GST excl) or less please download the application form and submit it to
  • To submit a request for more than $50,000 (GST excl) please visit NT PHN’s e-procurement portal and complete the form located under All Current Tenders. Please note this is not a competitive tender process.Tenderlink is the portal that NT PHN uses to manage our incoming unsolicited proposals. 

Before submitting an application, applicants should reflect on the key objectives, priorities and headline performance indicators of the PHNs listed within our needs assessment resources. When submitting a proposal, applicants must clearly identify the need for the proposal and describe how it aligns with NT PHN’s needs assessment, strategic plan, and/or the Australian Government Department of Health’s PHN Grant Program Guidelines.

For more information on this process and assistance in answering questions in the application form, a copy of the Policy and Guidelines are available, or contact: