PFAS Community Support Program

The free blood testing for PFAS (Per- and Poly- fluoroalkyl Substances) has now concluded, however mental health support and counselling services are available for Katherine residents.

What can I do if I feel worried or stressed about PFAS?

Some Katherine residents may feel angry, anxious, fearful, sad or confused. There is no wrong or right way to respond and all these responses are perfectly normal when faced with major life stressors.

Stress and these types of feelings can have a long-term negative effect on physical and mental health. We know that strong social connections and communities go a long way in supporting health and wellbeing in difficult times. When entire communities are affected by high levels of stress, people can feel isolated and unable to rely on their traditional supports, due to not wanting to add to the stress of others.

If you would like to talk with somebody, there is counselling available.

The counselling is:

  • free and private;
  • suitable for adults and families;
  • available with both male or female counsellors.

Who can I talk to?

You can request a counselling appointment from one of the providers below.

Zoe Collins Psychology
t 0473 010 904
a Blue Sky Therapies, 19 Heron Crescent, Katherine 0850

t 08 8941 1752
a Katherine Regional Training Centre, Block F room 3, 19 Second Street, Katherine 0850

If you need a translator, please let your counsellor or GP know.

Northern Territory PHN does not receive, collect or collate any data about patients or their PFAS test results as part of this program .


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If you have any questions about blood tests or counselling, please contact:

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