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Finding the right position for you and your family

NT PHN offers a free recruitment service to health professionals and health services across the Northern Territory. This includes a diverse range of opportunities such as remote communities, urban towns, private practices and Aboriginal community controlled health organisations.

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Orientation Program

NT PHN provides a personalised orientation program to all general practitioners commencing work in the Northern Territory (NT).

All general practitioners who are relocating or have recently relocated to the NT are eligible to participate in the program. The orientation program ensures that all general practitioners receive an introduction to the clinical and cultural aspects of practising in the NT and to the health care system in the NT.


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GP and Allied Health Support

NT PHN offers support to health professionals and health services who are considering a move to the Northern Territory.


NT PHN can assist health professionals wishing to work in the Northern Territory in a variety of ways. Health professionals will receive a personalised approach to finding the right position for them and their family. Health professionals recruited through NT PHN can expect to be supported by our friendly and knowledgeable staff every step of the way.

GPs may be eligible to apply for a number of financial assistance grants including an Individual Support Package, which includes assistance with relocation and orientation.

NT PHN provides full orientation to GPs to assist with settling into a new practice and the Northern Territory. Orientation helps to ensure all GPs receive an introduction to the clinical and cultural aspects of practicing in the Northern Territory and to the health care system in Australia and in particular the Northern Territory. 

Once settled into the Northern Territory, NT PHN also facilitates a variety of education events to assist with continuing professional development.

GP Locum Support Service

Everyone needs a break from work at some point and GPs are no different. For a doctor who may be the only practitioner in a community, finding a way to leave the community for a break can be difficult.

The NT PHN Locum Programme is an invaluable support service for GPs and health services in rural and remote areas across the Northern Territory.

We offer a no-cost GP locum placement service. Doctors or their employers may also be eligible for a subsidy to reduce the cost of engaging a GP locum to cover leave.


Locum Coordinator

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