RACGP Small Group Learning

NT PHN's education and professional development team, aims to deliver quality continuous professional development to all health professionals in the Northern Territory (NT).

Small group learning gives health professionals across the NT an opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge whilst working and learning in a small group setting. Small group learning can include providing all health professionals with peer support, interaction and reflection to enhance clinical competence, knowledge, skills and performance.

Small group learning:

  • increases education and networking opportunities to very rural and remote health professionals
  • establishes health professional lead learning groups
  • increases the number of health professionals involved in educational activities
  • encourages a multi-disciplinary approach to primary health education activities
  • encourages health professionals to share knowledge and skills.

Royal Australian College of General Practice (RACGP) Requirements

To meet RACGP requirements to accredit the small group learning session, the following criteria apply to General Practitioners:

  • a minimum of two GP participants and a maximum of 12 participants
  • the meeting must be a minimum of one hour
  • a minimum of six hours total meeting time must be completed by all members for each small group cycle (within the triennium) to obtain category one RACGP points
  • must have a facilitator
  • must document and hold a planning and a review meeting outside the minimum six-hour meeting requirement.

NT PHN's education and professional development team will provide the opportunity for all health professionals to develop small group learning sessions.

The education and professional development team can assist with the engagement of facilitators through a series of promotions and calls for interest.

Support for small group learning sessions can be provided for:

  • sourcing / suggestion of local / visiting presenters
  • financial assistance towards presenters, catering venues if required (capped)
  • seeking approval of learning outcomes if not planned/developed by a GP
  • providing accreditation to those groups meeting the RACGP criteria
  • promotion of small group learning sessions for those providing an invitation to others
  • providing attendance lists and evaluation form templates
  • certificates of attendance for all participants to claim CPD points from governing bodies.


All health professionals can participate in a small group learning session provided they:

  • deliver primary health care
  • coordinate the delivery of primary health care, for example - care coordinator
  • work for an organisation which delivers primary health care.


NT PHN will not cover costs associated with:

  • time off to attend small group learning sessions
  • presenter or attendee travel/accommodation to participate in small group learning sessions
  • payment to attendees or presenters to participate in small group learning sessions

Download: Small Group Learning Information Sheet

Download: Small Group Learning Application Form


The CPD and Education Coordinator

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