For the Specialist, access to a patient’s My Health Record improves continuity of care and can support clinical decision making.

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There are two ways to access the My Health Record system; through conformant software such as Genie, Medical Director, Best Practice or Zedmed, or the National Provider Portal using the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Android. Information cannot be uploaded via the Provider Portal however.

With conformant software, there are two steps to registering to participate in the My Health Record system:

Step 1

To get registered, go to the Australian Digital Health Agency Digital Health Online Forms. Electronically submit an application for the following three digital health services – see process summary here:

  • Healthcare Provider Identifier – Organisation number (HPI-O)
  • My Health Record system
  • National Authentication Service for Health Public Key Infrastructure (NASH PKI) Certificate for Organisations

HELPFUL HINT - Have the following information ready to go prior to completing the online forms:

  • ABN or ACN
  • Pharmacy Approval Number
  • Registered business address and contact details
  • Medicare Site PKI Cert RA number and/or Medicare Individual PKI Cert RA number
  • ASIC Registration (for identification purposes where no Medicare Site PKI Cert RA number is registered)
  • 100 points of ID such a drivers licence or birth certificate or passport (if not known to Medicare in a professional capacity – i.e. Medicare Provider Number)
  • Determine who will be the Registered Officer (RO) and the Organisation Maintenance Officer (OMO) for your organisation. The RO is usually the owner or manager and the OMO could be your practice manager or contact administrator. Please consult this Registration Guide here for further information regarding registration and organisational roles and responsibilities.

See Guide for Online Registration for Healthcare Provider Organisations.

Step 2
Following completion of the online registration form, you will receive the following items in separate packages from the Department of Human Services:

  • Letter containing the organisation’s HPI-O number and registration numbers for the nominated RO and OMO
  • Letter confirming My Health Record system registration
  • NASH PKI Certificate for Organisations (as a CD) with installation instructions
  • Personal Identification Code (PIC) to use the NASH PKI Certificate

The NASH PKI Certificate for Organisations listed above will need to be installed. For assistance with installation on a single computer, call the eBusiness support centre on 1300 550 115. If you are installing certificates onto a server it is recommended to have the practices’ IT provider perform or assist with the installation. IT Providers may like this online My Health Record training for providers of IT support to General Practice.

For help in completing any of these registration steps:

Call the Help Centre on 1300 901 001
Email help@digitalhealth.gov.au
Website: www.digitalhealth.gov.au

Alternatively, you can register for the My Health Record system in HPOS with a PRODA Account.

Check out the following online learning tab for helpful guides on how to access and upload information in your specific clinical information system.

Online learning

Support materials



If an organisation has completed their registration for the My Health Record system and wishes to replace, add or remove an RO or OMO, they need to complete form HW040 Application to replace a RO or add or remove an OMO for an Organisation.

If an organisation that has completed registration for the My Health Record system wishes to amend any of their registration details, for form HW037 Healthcare Identifiers Service Application to amend a Healthcare Organisation record found here. This will also update the HPO information in the Healthcare Provider Directory (HPD). Additional documentary evidence of a change of name must be included with this form.example their business name, they need to complete

For your patients

For further support contact Practice Support:
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