One of NT PHN’s core activities is to strategically commission and support equitable, needs-based health programs and initiatives. NT PHN commissions health services through service providers, including Aboriginal community controlled health services, the private sector including general practices and allied health professionals, not-for-profit companies and other providers.

Commissioning is more than just the procurement of services; it is a strategic approach to purchasing to ensure that services meet the population’s health needs, and to improve service and system improvement and innovation. Find out more about our commissioning process. 

Current Tenders



Closed Evaluation Negotiation Contract Issued

Registration of Interest in Delivering Psychological Therapy Services

NT PHN – 797157


PFAS Specialised Mental Health and Counselling Services Registration of Interest (ROI)

NT PHN – 804694 

Suicide Prevention Program Request for Tender

NT PHN – 805041


Youth Severe Mental Health Program Request for Tender

NT PHN – 819705