Dr Adam Brownhill – GP Locum at Urapuntja Health Service, Utopia

The Territory is a place like no other to expand your skills base, particularly in chronic disease, tropical medicine and rural and Aboriginal health.

While practising medicine in a remote area has challenges, the rewards are worth it.


“I learn something new every day. It’s exhilarating, and you feel like you’re making a difference. I’m a much more skilled and educated doctor and a more well-rounded person. I’ve gained an understanding of an environment a lot of people don’t have the privilege to know. I’m a better doctor and a more empathic person for it.”


Dr Kirsten Due – GP Locum

I was reading the RACGP Careers page and came across an advertisement. Previously I'd had a difficult time locating good information about locum work in the NT. I had tried a number of locum agencies but they didn't seem to know very much about the communities, and I was worried about what strings might be attached - I didn't want the communities to have to pay the locum agency a hefty amount as well as paying me.


Once I contacted NT PHN, it was obvious that they wanted to know about my background and experience level so they could provide a "good match" between my skills and the remote locations. They really listened to me and spent a lot of time on the phone with me. I felt very supported by them.


I have lived and worked in the NT before, and there is something special about the Territory. It is a vast state with breathtaking scenery. The wet season is full of dramatic tropical storms and the dry season is such a welcome escape from Southern winters! The people are down to earth, and the medicine is fascinating.


It feels like I am making a difference to people's lives. I have to use every part of my brain and think creatively to come up with solutions that you just don't find in the textbooks. Remote work is challenging, varied, sometimes tiring, sometimes stressful, but always worthwhile and it makes me feel proud to be a GP.


You can rest assured that they will support you from beginning to end and will help match your interests and abilities with appropriate locations and communities. NT PHN was just as concerned to find me work as to make sure that I didn't take on too much and that I had a good amount of time at home with family in between jobs.


Health Service Provider – Miwatj Health Aboriginal Corporation

We have had a partnership with NT PHN for a long time now and enjoy working with them. One of the draw cards is that there is no charge for the service which is very appealing. Working with the team there is easy and stress-free and they are willing to help with quick response. They understand our needs and we don’t have to question that they would pick a candidate that wasn’t the right fit for our clinics and then in turn for our clientele which are the people that benefit.


I like working with the team at NT PHN, especially Danielle who I really enjoy working with as she understands our needs and follows up promptly with each step of Locum Placement. Very prompt response and quick to help with sometimes last minute placement. The quality of service is second to none.


Advertising, screening candidates – screening of candidates is always spot on – I never have to doubt who they pick for us they understand our needs and back it up with quality Locums Placement and administration coordination – Always thorough and competently done – cannot fault their processes.


It makes my job easier knowing that I have a team working on the same page as me that understand our business.