The More Doctors for Rural Australia Program supports non-vocationally recognised (non-VR) doctors to gain valuable general practice experience in rural and remote communities prior to joining a college fellowship pathway. It also supports doctors with prior general practice experience and junior doctors and locums providing services in rural and remote communities.

What's the program?

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM) offer pathways to general practice fellowship. For some doctors, this program will be the first step to joining a college fellowship pathway, providing general practice experience while participating in selection processes.

Successful participants requiring supervision will have access to an individually tailored plan and be eligible for funding through the program’s support package, which will give participants access to funding to support and learning and development activities.

The support package will also provide funding to the health service or practice to support the supervision of the program’s participant during their placement.

Who is eligible?

  • To be eligible for placement all doctors must meet the following criteria:
  • hold current registration with the Medical Board of Australia
  • have an offer of employment and have the necessary skills and experience to perform the role
  • provide evidence of appropriate support in place to meet supervision requirements if applicable
  • take active steps to join a college pathway within the defined period
  • undertake general practice professional development activities.

Doctors who have previously participated in a college-led general practice training program (eg the Australian General Practice Training Program, the Independent Pathway offered by ACRRM, the Remote Vocational Training Scheme or the RACGP’s Practice Experience Program) and have not attained fellowship may not be eligible.

To see the full requirements of the program, please read the program’s guidelines.

How to apply

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