Preparing for COVID-19 isolation

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Preparing for COVID-19 isolation
If you get COVID-19 or are a close contact, you will need to isolate and won’t be able to leave your house for 7 days. Preparing and planning for this situation will make things easier if you become infected or are required to isolate.

Here are our top tips for what you can do to best prepare for isolation.

Medical supplies
Make sure you have basic medical supplies like pain relief, a thermometer, and two weeks’ supply of prescription medication if you have any.

To maintain good hygiene, check you have things like face masks, hand sanitisers, soap, gloves, and disinfected wipes. If you’re isolating with others, say with family members who aren’t infected but you are, you will need to wear a mask, continue to wipe down surfaces, and keep your hands clean to help stop the spread.

Go-to people
Think about who you can call on to deliver you supplies or ask to take care of your kids or pets if you need to go to hospital.

Activities & entertainment
Having at-home activities ready to go or entertainment ideas in mind will keep you or family members entertained for the 7 days.

Get your next dose of your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as you are eligible.

Rapid Antigen Tests
If you can get your hands on some rapid antigen tests, keep some at home so you can identify when you are no longer contagious.

Good ventilation
Keep your home well ventilated, open windows and doors, and gather or eat outside if you can.

Emergency contact list
Have an emergency contact list with important phone numbers including your GP.

Latest health advice
Things can change quickly with COVID-19, keep an eye on for the latest advice on testing, quarantine and restrictions.

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