Being able to support our Northern Territory initiatives, not only though commissioning activities, but through local sponsorships helps us to stay connected to our local community. 

We are currently not accepting applications for sponsorships. 

Our next sponsorship round is Saturday 1 October 2023. 

Email sponsorship@ntphn.org.au for more information.

Our sponsorship rounds are your organisation’s opportunity to receive support for an initiative that will make a difference.

What we sponsor

If your activity meets the following criteria, we want to hear from you:

  • demonstrates a positive impact on the health and/or wellbeing of Territorians.
  • aimed at one, or more, of the following 3 groups
    • NT service provider community
    • NT health workforce or future workforce
    • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.
  • has opportunities for NT PHN to display their logo and connect with the local community. 


What we don’t sponsor

NT PHN does not support any activity or event that:  

  • involves or is associated with political parties or affiliates
  • engages in the sale or promotion of tobacco, alcohol, firearms, or gambling, or any products or services conflicting with the organisation’s objectives or values
  • discriminates unlawfully
  • is not a legally incorporated entity or individual. 


Download sponsorship guidelines.


If you have any enquiries regarding our sponsorship application process please email sponsorship@ntphn.org.au.

Sponsorship rounds

 NT PHN allocates sponsorships of between $3000 and $5000 each quarter. They are as follows: 

Round 1

Application period
3 July 2023 to
17 July 2023 

Decisions announced
31 July 2023 

Round 2

Application period
1 October 2023 to
14 October 2023

Decisions announced
30 October 2023

Round 3

Application period
8 January 2024 to
15 January 2024   

Decisions announced
31 January 2024  

Round 4

Application period
1 April 2024 to
14 April 2024   

Decisions announced
30 April 2024  


All applications will be assessed by an internal panel through a thorough evaluation process. If you need a decision to be made earlier, please outline this in your online application. 

Applications made outside of the sponsorship round dates will only be considered in the next round.