Grants and Sponsorship

We offer support through one-off grants and sponsorship opportunities for businesses, community groups and organisations looking to improve the health and wellbeing of Territorians.


We’re offering regular applications for grants each year, which is your best opportunity to ask us for funding support. Depending on how much funding is remaining after the first round, we may release a second round of applications later this year.

Small grants

We’re offering small grants of up to $20,000. To be considered for one of these, your submission will need to include:   

  • one-off health literacy and health promotion activities that encourage appropriate access to after-hours services  
  • one-off health literacy and health promotion activities that are delivered after hours  
  • one-off or short-term health events that are delivered after hours or target people who cannot access services during clinic hours.

Large Grants

We’re providing large grants of up $100,000. To be considered for a large grant, you submission needs to include:   

  • short-term after-hours services addressing a finite need (not an ongoing service) for people who are not available during normal hours (for example, care plans developed by a team of primary care professionals)  
  • feasibility or scoping studies that investigate needs, opportunities, and potential innovative solutions to local, regional, or NT-wide after-hours needs (for example digital health, aged care, or workforce solutions)

How applications will be assessed

Read the grant guidelines to find out how applications will be assessed.

When to apply for grants

Applications are currently closed. Check back soon for details of the next round.

How to apply for grants

You can apply for a grant through TenderLink


For further information please call 08 8982 1092


We have a small sponsorship program to support community events and activities that enhance the health and wellbeing of Territorians.

We’re offering up to $20,000 per application.

Who should apply

We welcome applications from:

  • Health providers or organisations
  • Community organisations
  • Sporting or recreation clubs
  • Other businesses delivering events or activities within the Northern Territory.

How applications will be assessed

We will assess your application based on your information and how well your event or activity aligns with our strategic and Reconciliation Action Plan goals. If your application doesn’t fit within our sponsorship criteria, we will consider it under our Grants program.

When to apply for sponsorship

Applications are currently closed. Check back soon for details of the next round.

How to apply for sponsorship

Sponsorship applications can be made via our online application form.

If we already fund you and this is an extension to your funding, you should speak with your Program Lead about alternative funding availability.


For more information about sponsorship opportunities, get in touch with our Marketing and Communications team on 8982 1041.