Our governance

Through our Board and CEO, we are vested with powers and responsibilities to enable us to carry out our functions and achieve our objectives. In turn, sound governance and quality reporting with a high degree of transparency are critical to maintaining the confidence of our many stakeholders.

Organisational structure

NT PHN is made up of five branches working together and collaborating to achieve our strategic goals. Our branches are led by executive managers who, with oversight from our CEO, make up our Senior Executive Leadership Team. Each branch consists of several high-performing teams. An overview of the responsibilities that sit within each branch is outlined in the structure below.

Meet our Senior Executive Leadership Team.

Company structure

Meet the NT PHN Board and our Clinical and Community Advisory Councils.


Northern Territory PHN’s Constitution, as adopted by the Company’s members, sets out the nature of the company as a not-for-profit public Company limited by guarantee, the objects of the Company, and the rules governing the relationship between, and the activities of, the Company and its members. 

Image: Wangi Falls - Jackson Groves/Tourism NT 

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